Mobile Messenger

Mobile Marketing and Text Messaging Software Platform

Mobile Messenger is an easy to use text messaging software platform that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and control interactive mobile marketing campaigns. The patent-pending web-based software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of tool sets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Mobile Messenger empowers innovators and forward thinkers across multiple industries including professional sports, radio and communication, consumer brands, advertising agencies, automotive, entertainment, and nightlife.

The Mobile Messenger text messaging software and mobile marketing platform includes powerful reporting for thorough analysis of mobile campaigns. Users can also download comprehensive sent and received messaging logs.

The Mobile Messenger platform is augmented by a core set of products that target additional niche markets such as collections, automotive, real estate, health care and medicine.

Real-time Inbox

The Mobile Messenger Inbox lets users view incoming messages as they are received in real time. The inbox features an automatic-refresh option, search filter capabilities, adjustable views per page, and a date range filter. In addition, users can easily click on a mobile number to send a one-off message to that contact, or manually opt out a contact from receiving future messages.

CRM System / Target List Creator

Mobile Messenger provides a built in CRM system to manager customer data. Build your contacts list by importing a .CSV file with existing data, manually adding contacts one by one, or have people text a keyword to join your mobile campaign. Once the contacts are in the system, use the Target List Creator to segment your contacts into targeted distribution lists.

CRM System / Database Fields

Mobile Messenger’s CRM System is designed to allow users to customize their data settings. Every BlueAuto Interactive client collects and manages specific data to their business. The Database Settings allow users to select which of data fields are being used and also allows them to create up to 10 custom fields of data.

Mobile Campaign Composer

Mobile Messenger’s mobile campaign composer allows users to independently create, activate, monitor, and control interactive mobile marketing campaigns. Create text messaging campaigns such as alerts & notifications, text voting and polling, Text to Win, real time text to screen, mobile content delivery and more.

LIVE Message Monitor

The LIVE Message Monitor allows users to monitor a text message vote or poll in real-time and view results as they come in. The LIVE monitor will automatically poll the answers and provide reporting capabilities. Users can then easily send a confirmation text message to a single, or multiple winners.

Mobile Summary Report

The Mobile Summary Report provides a thorough analysis of any mobile campaign or combination of mobile campaign. View a sent/received time line chart, overview of contacts opted in, messages received, and sent delivery reports in one comprehensive summary.

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