Microsoft TAG

A “shortcut to fun,” Microsoft® TAG connects almost anything to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on consumers’ mobile phones.  It only takes a few minutes to start to work with Microsoft TAG, and it is free of charge to scan and create TAGs. An end-to end solution, Microsoft TAG includes the following features:

  • Colorful 2D TAG bar codes that you can put on almost anything
  • The free-of-charge TAG Reader application, the software that can be downloaded to mobile phones, such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android-based Internet-capable mobile phones that include a camera

A new kind of bar code that can be displayed anywhere,  TAG was created by Microsoft Research and designed for maximum performance by using the limited camera capabilities that are available on most mobile phones. The technology makes it possible for your company to engage and interact with consumers in meaningful and creative ways. When a consumer scans a TAG by using the free-of-charge TAG Reader application on his or her mobile phone, it will automatically open a webpage, display a message, or dial a number—there are no long URLs to type and send.

Some other bar code solutions can be scanned and read by many different applications, but the results are frequently spotty. TAGs, on the other hand, has a dedicated scanning application so that your TAGs behave as expected.  And the TAG provide the target.  With TAG, consumers can connect and engage with mobile media.  Consumers can even connect with and become engaged with older forms of communications media that tie back to mobile communications.

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