Bluetooth Advertising File Types

While our BlueAuto BlackBox Bluetooth advertising products will allow you to send any type of file at nearly any size we do have recommendations for file types . Every phone is somewhat different as some can view videos, others cannot, some can listen to MP3 files but others cannot. Obviously in most cases as an advertiser you want to reach as many customers as possible so you want a file type that accepted by the most phones. There are 3 primary file types that are accepted by nearly all Bluetooth phones .

First is the vCard, the vCard file is a virtual business card you can create using Microsoft Outlook. These vCards can contain a photo, a website address, email etc. Nearly all Bluetooth phones will accept this type of file however there is a drawback.  Many phones will ask the user if they want to add this vCard to their contacts and the take rate drops because of this. The second drawback is that if the user says yes to accept the vCard, most phones add the vCard to the contacts but do not display the vCard to the user.  Knowing this you can use it to your advantage and name the vCard file with a number as the first letter of the file name. This will cause the vCard contact information to be in the first position when the user looks at their contacts, so your message does get to the user but maybe at a later date than when they actually received the message.

Second in the list is the JPG or JPEG file, almost all phones accept these files as well and you can put a fair amount of information in a jpeg file but you are limited by the screen size of the phone and the text cannot be too small to read.  Typically you can use the jpeg format for a coupon or as a teaser to visit your store or website.  Most phones will pop up the file after it is downloaded so it is presented to the user immediately, other phones will simply save it to the pictures folder and the user will have to look for it on their phone.

Third in the list is the GIF or Animated GIF, we recommend the latter as nearly every phone can view a gif file, the standard gif file suffers from the same dilemmas as the JPEG file, however the animated gif offers the opportunity for multiple screens so you can display far more information and the animation is substantially more attention grabbing than the static gif or jpeg.  All that said, you need to take care when generating animated gif files as many phones have very slow processors and low memory to be able to handle 15 or 20 frames. The delay between frames is also an issue as slow processors will extend the delays considerably. We recommend not more than 10 frames and very short delays between screens but you will have to do some testing to find the happy medium for your Bluetooth advertising campaign.

Bluetooth Advertising File Sizes

Bluetooth advertising is dramatically different than advertising via the web or other mediums. Our BlueAuto BlackBox Bluetooth advertising servers deliver content to cell phones and mobile devices that have some of the least memory and slowest processors of any computerized device. When Bluetooth broadcasting advertisements we recommend using the smallest file size possible for several reasons. We can only assume that you are trying to reach as many phones as possible with your Bluetooth advertising campaign and many phones you are targeting will have slow processors and low memory overhead, this produces two problems for the Bluetooth advertiser. The first is that the slow phone will download the file slowly which will tie up one Bluetooth channel for an extended period , which prevents your Bluetooth advertising server from using that channel to approach another phone , effectively reducing the number of phones you will contact . The second problem is the slow phone may crash on a large file and that leaves the consumer with a very bad impression which could lead to negative advertising and a confrontation with an angry customer.

Recommended file sizes for Bluetooth Advertising Campaigns

We tell our clients to use file sizes under 10k , yes this is an absolutely tiny file but the benefit is that any phone can handle a file this size and it can be delivered extremely fast so your Bluetooth advertising server can move on to the next phone,  effectively increasing the number of phones you can contact!  So how do you make files that small? We will work with your advertising agency or in-house staff in order to have an effective message with the proper file size.  When the file is created (animated gif) we suggest using a maximum of 3 colors and use a maximum of 10 frames. This will get your message across and will viewable by nearly every Bluetooth enabled phone.

We hope you find these Bluetooth advertising tips and tricks helpful and your Bluetooth advertising campaigns are more successful as a result.  We will be adding to this article from time to time as client information requests deem necessary.

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