Bluetooth (Proximity) Marketing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluetooth marketing? Bluetooth marketing is a proximity hotspot advertising method utilized to send advertisements via Bluetooth to mobile cell phones and devices within range of the hotspot.

How does the BlueAuto BlackBox work? BlueAuto Blackbox hotspots are constantly sending marketing content via Bluetooth to toe mobile phones of your potential customers within 30 to 100 meters of the unit. The transmission is totally free and requires no technical knowledge from the end user. The only requirement is Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

What if the consumer doesn’t want to receive a message? One of the best features about this type of marketing is that it is permission based.  The recipient can choose to either accept or reject the content.

Is the consumer charged by his devices carrier any fees? NO.  Bluetooth messages are free to the consumer.

What types of advertising can be sent with the BlueAuto Blackbox? Our recommended advertising includes:

  • Text Coupons
  • Still Images
  • Animated images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files
  • Business Cards
  • Calendar Events

What File types can be sent? Every phone is somewhat different as some can view videos, others cannot, some can listen to MP3 files but others cannot. Obviously in most cases as an advertiser you want to reach as many customers as possible so you want a file type that accepted by the most phones. There are 3 primary file types that are accepted by nearly all Bluetooth phones.  The three types are VCard, JPG or Jpeg, and GIF or animated GIF.

What File types are recommended? At BlueAuto Interactive, we tell our clients to use file sizes under 10k.  Most mobile devices  can handle a file this size and the file can be delivered extremely fast so your Bluetooth advertising server can move on to the next phone,  effectively increasing the number of phones you can contact!

For more information on how to integrate mobile marketing into your business, send keyword “blueauto” to 59925 or call us at 1-877-580-TEXT (8398)