Connecting Traditional to Digital

Our partnership with Microsoft TAG lets you seamlessly connect almost anything in the real world to the interactive world right from your mobile device. Your customers can scan TAGs to engage at the maximum point of impact by using the device that is central to their daily lives: their mobile phone.

Cross-Media: Print, online, TV, billboards, point-of-sale—the range of places where businesses can use a TAG is almost infinite. With TAG it is easy to integrate your offline and online campaigns across web, mobile and print media

Engage:  Simple, intuitive, and interactive TAG enables immediate response and deeper engagement from your customers, providing a unique vehicle to influence in-the-moment behavior, drive deeper engagement with your brand, and turn interest into action.

Report & Measure: With integrated tracking, metrics and analysis tools, BlueAuto Interactive gives companies access to data that can help them make effective decisions about their marketing expenditures.

Scan TAGS from your mobile phone for instant access to information, websites, videos, reviews, and more.

TAGs are great additions to direct mail pieces, at events or vehicle displays to get the customer to engage beyond reading an offer or coupon. TAGS can lead customers to any number of places from web specials, video content, social pages or specific landing pages.

To read the TAG, your customers can download the free Microsoft TAG reader application to their Internet-capable mobile device with camera or scanner, launch the reader and read a TAG using their phone’s camera or scanner, depending on what type of device they have. After the TAG is scanned, this triggers the connected content to be displayed.